The Le Jeu Theatre Company is Jen, Ben and Claudia. Friends from Uni, they’ve all studied physical theatre in Paris. Now Jen, the director, discovers that to get Arts Council funding, the company has to move to Scotland and cast a Scottish performer in their upcoming show. Easy, right? They have several new faces in the group - Kim, the only woman who turned up to auditions, and Keith, the drummer from next door who agreed to join as well. The Scottish performer, Paisley Johnstone turns out to be the most famous jazz singer in Scotland - like really famous.

As the Le Jeu Company prepares to tour its magnum opus, Blood and Oatmeal, the drama is already well underway.


TV Series


Channel 4


Vicki Pepperdine, Ben Miller, Joanna Scanlan, Julia Davis, Huw Chadbourn, David Walliams, Omid Djalili, Billy Boyd
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