Pirate Productions works with the best of UK talent, in front of and behind the camera.

We have a slate of projects in development with writers across the UK and beyond. What do our projects have in common? They are all bringing original, challenging premises, strong female characters and something unexpected that compels you to keep reading that script. We develop shows we really want to watch.
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Jenny Williams

Jenny produces at Pirate. From the Highlands of Scotland, Jenny did her school work experience on the sets of BRAVEHEART and ROB ROY, shadowing directors Mel Gibson and Michael Caton-Jones. She looked after the animals on Bill Forsyth’s BEING HUMAN, and none of them came to any harm.

Jenny then started as a runner and worked her way up the production ladder on films including ORPHANS, AMERICAN COUSINS and HOLD BACK THE NIGHT. Alongside screen production roles, she worked on theatre productions and performance events, honing her creative and organisational skills.

In 2003, Jenny became Head of Production at Glasgow Film Office where she managed a European business fund supporting local companies. The fund supported many productions over the years including FESTIVAL, RED ROAD, YOUNG ADAM, THE JACKET and WILBUR WANTS TO KILL HIMSELF.

Jenny and Annie joined forces at Pirate Productions in 2010.

Jenny and her partner Shawn have two children who are bilingual Gaelic speakers.

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Annie Griffin

Annie writes and directs, and works with writers to develop scripts, and directs shows that can be dramatic or funny or both. Annie grew up in Buffalo, New York. She acted in theatre for a while, then began acting in and directing her own plays. That didn’t pay enough, so she turned to movies and TV. She moved to Scotland in 1997, the year of Scottish devolution. She now writes screenplays and develops scripts with emerging writers, focusing on strong characters and great storytelling. She also directs comedy and drama for Pirate and as a freelance director. Recent work includes GROUP for BBC, AVENUE 5 for HBO, and ANNIKA for UKTV/PBS.

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