Everyone wants a Georgian property, right? Purves and Pekkala are two slightly sinister architects who are fed up with doing Edinburgh kitchen conversions. When a developer hires them to transform an actual building, they see their moment to enter architecture’s big league. But there’s someone in the way. Archie Linklater, the head of Historic

Scotland is their nemesis - a posh fuddy-duddy for whom modernism never happened, a ghastly gatekeeper who has NEVER let the Edinburgh-built environment enter the 21st century. When Archie Linklater is found dead at the bottom of a Playfair Church - did he fall, or was he pushed?

NEW TOWN is a dark comedy about how far an architect will go for the sake of architecture.


TV Pilot




Mark Gatiss, Max Bremer, Omid Djalili, Daniela Nardini, Rose Leslie

New Town is concerned with the clean lines of buildings… and the messy reality of people's lives. It's about the things you can and cannot control. It's funny, dark and ambitious – a grand design indeed.


A sly dig at snobbish architects, an off-kilter murder mystery, a refreshing look at Scotland – there's a lot to like in BBC4's new drama.
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