Faith is going to star in a one-woman show at her first Edinburgh festival fringe. She spends every day flyering all over Edinburgh for Lakes Sister, her version of the Dorothy Wordsworth story.

A group of Canadians is making serious art with their experimental performance piece.

A troubled priest debuts a one-man show about his problems in the confessional.

An Irish comic is trying to seduce his favourite critic to raise his star rating.

In the feverish atmosphere of the largest arts festival anywhere, performers and audiences come together, collide, get tired, get drunk, get horny and fail to get over themselves.

It’s another Edinburgh festival.






Steven Mangan, Lyndsey Marshal, Chris O’Dowd, Amelia Bulmore, Billy Carter, Daniela Nardini
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A cocktail of comedy, alcohol and sex… as blackly funny as anything you’ll see this year.


If the sites of Edinburgh are familiar so is the emotional landscape of ambition, rivalry and poleaxing self-doubt. FESTIVAL manages to lampoon the acts and the wider industry around theatre and comedy, while still championing its founding passion for performance.


A big hand, please, for Griffin and her team for their Altmanesque ambition, and for those poison darts that fly straight and true.

The Independent

Very funny, rude, and sexy, and it made me want to jump on a train in August and head for the border.

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