She’s started a book group, to meet like-minded people who love reading as much as she does. But the six who show up at her door are not Claire’s idea of potential friends. There’s Kenny, a mountain climber now wheelchair bound, whose attempts at small talk don’t disguise his shy awkwardness. Fist, Dirka, and Janice are all married to professional footballers and seem to care more about hair and makeup than literature. Rab wants to talk about last night’s game instead of books. Claire didn’t realize she was meant to offer tea, and ask people about themselves. Maybe Scotland wasn’t such a good idea. Then Lachlan arrives, an attractive man capable of speaking in whole sentences.

The book group begins.


TV Series


Channel 4
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Anne Dudek, Rory McCann, Michelle Gomez, James Lance, Bonnie Engstrom, Derek Riddell, Saskia Mulder
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